Jennifer woods

Jewelry makes me feel at home.

Jewelry connects me with my roots, the people and places that I love, my travels, and my loved-ones long since passed. My desire is that, as you take home a piece of jewelry, you’ll be reminded of the things you love–the things that make you feel at home–because that is what inspires me to create.

Jewelry is my form of self-expression.

The highlight of my morning as a child was picking a piece of jewelry to wear from my grandmother’s jewelry. To this day, i can remember the excitement of choosing a piece based on how I felt at that moment, what spoke to me, and what I wanted to convey to the rest of the world. Even at the young of age 5, I was able to adorn myself with necklaces and rings and allowed to express myself using jewelry as my medium.

Jewelry is my extravagance.

When I was 8 years old, my great-aunt passed away, and I was given a whole brown paper sack full of costume jewelry made anywhere from the 1920s to 1960s. I placed each piece carefully into my jewelry boxes, hung them on the wall, and displayed them any way I could. Each was sparkly and unique in it’s own way, and I felt luxurious in the mere thought of my collection.

Jewelry is my connection to creativity.

It was my maternal grandmother who instilled within me a love for the arts. Growing up, she took me to painting and sculpting classes, art shows, and outings with her “artsy” friends. I traveled with my grandparents extensively through Arkansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma a a child. On our travels, we hit every art gallery, antique and jewelry shop we stumbled upon, typically off the beaten path and on a whim. Most of these shops had vast Native American Indian jewelry collections where I learned to identify semiprecious gemstones and developed a love for sterling silver and a keen eye for design.

Jewelry is my inspiration.

As a self-taught jewelry artist, I’ve found inspiration from things and places as diverse as the materials I use: freshly tilled earth, spring flowers, golden wheat fields, and dusty Oklahoma sunsets.

Jewelry is my connection to nature.

My love of nature stems from growing up on the farm, exploring the wheat fields and small forests, gathering eggs from the hen house with my grandma, and stumbling through her garden on hot, sunny Oklahoma summers. As I sift through my collection of gemstones, designing each piece of jewelry, I am think of the natural beauty that surrounds me daily, and I am able to use each piece as a connection to Mother Earth.

Jennifer Woods

Jennifer Woods


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